Photography by Aaron Leitz, Design by John K Anderson

Property Videos


projects completed

39 Boardman Place, Unit 101, SOMA: Updating a loft condo is challenging as the space defines the outcome, but we can change to tone and senseability. With sophisticated colors and muted finishes serving as a back drop, the stager added daring and flair with his design. Finish date is coming.

1434 Plymouth Street, Westwood: Seller took my advice to add a legal master suite, walk in closet, full bath and family room remodel on the lower level, increasing the legal space by 100%. The seller received not only his investment back, but received 25% over list price, too!

3354 20th Street, The Mission: seller wanted to ensure maximum resale proceeds and a quick closing. I suggested a refresh on the interior paint and a full staging.... seller received 7% over list price.

178 Douglass Street, The Castro/Eureka Valley: Sellers had a very short window before transferring out of the city. I suggested announcing the property in advance of active marketing, and found a qualified cash buyer who could close in 4 days....seller received 22% over list price.

1769 Broadway, Unit #5, Pacific Heights: Sellers entrusted me to plan and manage the entire project while they were travelling. Using my discretion and service provider team, we de-cluttered the property and used their remaining furniture to stage and present to the market. Seller received 26% above list price.

110 Seminary Drive, Unit #1-C, Mill Valley: Trustee sale, complete kitchen and living area remodel using my contractor, home professionally staged and presented to the market. Seller received 7% above list price.