Starting Home Shopping

One of our first objectives is to establish your wants and needs in a new property. We’ll have fun discussing the features of your perfect property, the neighborhoods you’d like to consider and the price point that’s right for your budget. Because I know the San Francisco real estate market, touring several times a week, I can narrow the list of potential homes for you, and we can start home shopping right off.

Targeting the Right Property: At this point, we’re in touch daily and weekly. I will provide a short list of candidates for your consideration. In my experience, it’s best we go on tour several times together before you self-tour. Touring open houses together helps me focus on your tastes and the emotional and practical responses to particular types of properties, and I can ask more in-depth questions. From this point, it’s a tag team effort in search of the right place for you.

When It’s Time to Buy: Soon, we’ll find a place that catches your interest, and that’s when we drill down. I’ll go to work getting the available disclosures, inquiring about the seller’s needs/wants, comparing similar property values in the neighborhood, and we begin discussing the strategy we’ll employ in putting together your offer.

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