Selecting the Right Offer

One of the big misconceptions when selecting the right offer for your property is that the highest offer price wins. The initial offer is not necessarily the final offer, and there are terms and conditions which influence the “value to the seller” the ultimate sale price. Taking each proposal and reviewing them carefully with you is another way you can trust me to represent your interests. I will help you understand which offers are the best ones for you and if there is additional capacity available from the those making the offer.

My goal from day one of my marketing efforts is to attract at least one great offer- and likely more than one. When I receive an offer(s), I go to work cleaning up missed details, clarifying the buyer’s intentions, securing proof of funds and financial capacity, vetting lenders, inspectors and agents while putting the terms of each offer side by side for easy comparison even before we talk.

Reviewing offers side-by-side, apples-to-apples, is made easier with my insight and experience. I’ll guide you through the pros and cons of each, and provide my opinion if I think there’s more money or better terms to be had.  Ultimately, the choices are yours, and once you’re satisfied which offer is best possible, I will get all the pertinent documents signed, and begin escrow.

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