Presentation & Marketing

Presentation and Pricing are Everything!

My job is to take a more detached view of your property with both market trends and buyers in mind because making the best first impression is critical.

I know what buyers are looking for in a property and when they’re willing to pay top dollar. The optimal presentation involves both the “look and feel” of the property, and the pricing.

  • Consider moving out of the property: even temporarily. While it’s not possible in every situation, I’ve found that a home that is “lived in” dampens a buyer’s enthusiasm and willingness to imagine themselves living in the space.

  • Property clean up and improvements: even small items left unfinished can leave the impression of bigger problems in the mind of a buyer. A thorough cleaning and making an effort to repair damaged or broken things can add thousands of dollars in value.

  • Staging: staging isn’t just furniture- it’s the fuel that provides a buyer with conceptual possibility, a sense of scale and what’s possible in the space. Staging creates an ambiance and allows a buyer to see the space as it could be and imagine themselves living there.

  • Photos, Videos and Marketing Pieces- every property has something different to offer, and various aspects that make it unique. I have a host of professionals I call upon who go to work to capture the very best aspects of your home and create outstanding marketing pieces to attract the right buyers.

  •  Proper Pricing is the most important rule- ask me about the “buyer’s psychology” Pricing right is everything- not too low as to be misleading, and not so high as to make buyers go elsewhere.

  • Marketing Schedule- exposing a property to potential buyers can happen in several different ways and depends primarily on your needs and expectations. Let’s talk about off-market and on market selling and see what’s right for you- I have access to both markets, and either way, I’ll provide you with a calendar of events so that you know what to expect.

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