Making a Winning Offer

Targeted Property Assessment, Valuation and Strategy Consultation: When we zero in on a property you like, I'll go to work gathering data and details for you: starting with a walk-through tour, sharing what I see and what high-level challenges there might be. I’ll get the disclosures, identify comps to assess value, investigate the level of competition, and brief you on the listing agent’s style so that we can formulate a winning offer without wasting time or throwing money away unnecessarily.

Professional Offer Assembly and Presentation: When your offer is submitted, I can assure you that my professionalism, cooperation, and good reputation will bring additional value to the table. I employ the highest standards of presentation, pro-active communication, refined negotiating skills and have spent years building a strong relationship with other agents so that you stand a better chance of having your offer accepted.

Expert Contract Negotiations and Execution of Terms: Understanding the needs of the seller is critical as we craft the terms of your offer - it can make the difference to having your offer rejected or accepted. Often, it’s not just about the money, but intangible factors such as personality, intention, and empathy. Whatever it takes, you’ll enjoy the best vantage point to prevail.

Referrals to Quality Services: As we get closer to offering, keep in mind, I have a deep bench and can offer connections to dependable service providers who do their job well, on budget, and at a fair price. Call me any time you need a service referral.

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