Selling Your Property

Are you on the fence about deciding to sell your home or investment property? If you find yourself thinking about it, it’s the right time to sit down with your Realtor and have a conversation. Deciding to sell can be a process, and I can help you clarify your reasons and motivations, help you understand the market and what you can expect from the sale, and together we can create a game plan and timeline to get the best results.

There are many reasons you might want to sell your home or investment property. Are you relocating to a new city or state for a job? Has there been a change in lifestyle; like another child, a divorce, a marriage? Maybe you’re an empty nester now and need to downsize. Possibly you’re retiring?

A casual conversation with your Realtor can help you get clear about your intentions to sell, and it will help us create a plan that is appropriate for your goals.

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