Close of Escrow and Moving In

We’re in the home stretch. As we approach the close of escrow, there are just a few more pieces to pull together before you take ownership of the property.

  • Walk-through Inspection: A walk-through is mostly a formality, but it’s essential. This final inspection occurs a few days before closing. The walk-through is a visit to the property to make sure everything is as it should be: no missing appliances, the landscaping is cared for, and everything is intact.

  • Be Prepared: Sometimes delays can occur even in this last stage; whether it's a snag with the loan or last-minute paperwork. Not to worry, you’ll be the first to know about it (from me), and I will get to work putting a solution in place. In my 20 years of experience, I’ve seen some pretty quirky issues come up, and by now, I usually know how to handle them efficiently.

  • The Signing Appointment: The signing appointment is where it all comes together, where you arrive at the escrow/title office to sign all the documents. We will make sure the financial numbers add up, the lender issued their mortgage documents, and the preparation of the title report is ready. You won’t see the sellers, but they will have a signing appointment of their own, too.  More times than not, this is the easiest part of the home buying process. I will be with you to answer any questions you might have as we review each form. Before arriving, you’ll be asked to bring in or wire your remaining down payment, and a valid form of ID.

  • The Closing: The last and final step, when all the paperwork has been received and verified by the escrow officer and the lender, the loan funds are deposited into escrow. Soon, the tax assessor records the change in ownership. This change of ownership can be the same day as when you sign, but typically happens the next day or two. All that’s left is for me to get you the keys and you are free to take possession. You’ll be astounded at your good fortune, and overwhelmed that you really did it!

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