Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent

Choosing the right real estate agent to sell your home is essential to creating a positive experience. You’ll absolutely need a Realtor with experience, a robust and reliable network of contacts, and the know-how to get the job done with the best possible outcomes. With more than 20 years in the San Francisco market, and a track record of happy clients, I know I can help.

Why Choose Me?

Integrity, service, and results are what I offer my clients. I’ve seen every level of professionalism across the presentation and negotiation tables, and I am confident in what I have to offer.

  • Intake Consultation: a first conversation to introduce ourselves and talk about what you have in mind. I listen, ask questions, take notes, walk through the property and take pictures, all to prepare to present to you in short order.

  • Property Evaluation (or Comparative Market Analysis): A detailed written opinion of how much your home is worth in today’s marketplace as compared to other recently sold properties nearby.

  • A Marketing Plan: outlining what I would do and how I would introduce your property to buyers for the best results

  • Improvement Tips to Sell Your Property for the Highest Price Possible: Working within your budget, your desired level of involvement, and your timeline, I can suggest a list of improvements that will likely increase your proceeds significantly.

  • A Detailed Estimate of the Costs of Selling and Your Proceeds: there can be significant costs in preparing and selling a property in San Francisco. To know what you have to work with, I will provide a detailed estimate of the numbers up front.

  • Spot On Presentation and Pricing: Professional staging, photos, and marketing materials are key to getting buyers in the front door, and so is listing at the right price. We’ll use proven strategies to attract the right buyers who are qualified to buy your property.

  • Risk Reduction: My job is to help you disclose all the relevant details of the property and reduce your legal risk when selling. I’ll guide you through the required paperwork, reports, inspections, and other required forms to keep your risks low.

  • Transaction Management: My transaction coordinator will maintain a file of all documents, reports, and disclosures along the way, and provide you with a complete and organized digital copy of everything delivered to you just a few days after your closing.

  • Project Management and Coordination of Service Providers: I’m a pro at managing vendors, contractors, service providers, and inspectors. It’s a significant component of my service. You focus on where you’re going, and I'll coordinate the sale events, look after the house while you're away, and keep you updated.

  • My A+ Team to Show and Sell Your Property: I have a team of experienced, trained and trusted colleagues who will help me show your property and keep a watchful eye during open houses, private showings, agent tours, and other public events. I will deliver a verbal update on the outcome of each event.

  • Negotiating Skills: getting you the best prices, the best terms and the best timeline based on your wants and needs.

  • Effective Communications: keeping you informed and aware of our progress without overwhelming you with details or leaving you scratching your head wondering what’s happening. I will keep an open channel of communication during and after the transaction.

  • Referrals to Quality Services: Tried and true service providers who do the job well, on budget, and at a fair price. To make the move easier, I can even recommend a trusted agent in your destination city, too.

What is Your Property Worth?

Many times, most independent property or home sellers tend to overestimate the value of their property. Knowing the current marketing in your neighborhood, surrounding neighborhood, and the town/city is how you’ll benefit from working with an experienced real estate listing agent. 

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